Q&A With Laura Geller’s National Makeup Artist

Marissa Rudolph is theNational Makeup Artist for Laura Geller Beauty, the exceptional line of products devoted to work for real women. We were so fortunate to have her join us for a live Q&A on Tuesday to take your beauty questions, as well as educate us on Laura Geller’s signature baked collection, particularly the recently launched Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation.

See all the questions and Marissa’s answers below!

Q. I sweat a lot around my nose and upper lips. I want to get rid of that; what do you recommend?

A. Unfortunately I can’t give you a magical tip that’ll help prevent the sweating from happening, but I can recommend some products that will fully eliminate any shine, oil, or sweat! First, try our Spackle Mattifying. This will help the skin look completely matte. You can also try using our Matte Maker which is a colorless powder designed to absord shine and oil. This will allow the sweat to look nonexistant without adding OR taking away any makeup that is already applied.

Q. I’m curious, how much SPF is needed in every day foundation?

A. You will be completely fine if you use SPF 15 or 20 on a daily basis. If your foundation has that much in it, you’re good to go! If you plan on spending the day in the direct sunshine, I would recommend using 30 or higher. Most moisturizers will offer this. You can also find SPF 30 in our Spackle SPF… it’ll protect your skin and you can apply any makeup that you desire directly over it.

Q. I always seem to come across with an orange tint when using bronzing products.Any suggestions?

A. Have you tried Laura Geller’s Baked Bronze-n-Brighten? I love it so much becuase it contains multi-pigmented swirls of color… this is designed to counteract ANY orange! It’ll give you a true bronzy glow without that orangy finish. It also has a touch of pink swirled in it which allows this product to be doubled as a blush too. Another tip is to try using our Spacke Neutralizer before you apply any makeup. This will bring your skintone to exactly where it needs to be by slightly color correcting, helping the makeup stay 100% true to color.