3 reasons why you have to remove makeup every day?

Makeup remover is the basic skincare step that should be performed daily

The first reason: Makeup remover is the first step to having perfect skin. In the evening, after a day of work, exposed to the external environment, the degreasing product removes dirt and makeup on the surface. skin face. However, for people with active sebaceous glands, oil bleaching may be used in the morning.

The second reason: Makeup remover helps to remove dirt from deep inside the pore

The makeup remover is a deep cleansing product, in terms of cleaning level, it also cleans deeper than cleanser, Therefore, the use of daily makeup remover is the best way to cleanse the face, helping the face to not be clogged with lubricants, dust and smoke every day, things that lie deep in the pores, the cleanser cleanses all cannot be removed. With a clean skin, it is possible to have a premise to nourish and care for healthy, smooth and shiny skin. Removes makeup for deep cleansing When it comes to clean skin, the use of lotions, masks, facial skin massages in skin care steps will also be much more effective. Especially with women who have acne, it is very important to clean the skin, so choose products that are suitable for the face and use daily to recover the damage as well as no more acne on the skin.

The third reason: Makeup remover helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin, makes skin smooth and prevents acne.

Makeup remover is a step to perfect your beauty. It works to remove dirt, gasoline smoke, … that the environment causes to your skin during a day’s work and travel outside. According to experts, you need to perform daily makeup removal with suitable products. Every day, your skin will produce a lot of dead cells, if dead cells are not removed, they will accumulate and horns cause clogging off pores causing acne.

Suggest basic makeup removal steps: For those who do not wear makeup

Step 1: Wet the cleanser with warm water, then gently wipe the eye area, along the front of the nose first and then the rest of the face. The use of warm water first has the effect of moisturizing the face skin, making makeup removal easier and limiting skin damage.

Step 2: For bleaching products, remove makeup and gently wipe to clean the skin. Please pay attention to the hidden parts like the nose, the lip area … Note: Wipe in the direction from the bottom up to not cause sagging skin to cause skin aging.

Step 3: Wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser.

For those with makeup:

Step 1: Leave the makeup on the face and use immediately cleansing cream / milk (not wetting the face) then gently massage.

Step 2: Use makeup remover to wipe off the makeup on the skin surface. Note: Wipe in the direction from the bottom up so as not to cause sagging of the skin causing aging. Here are three reasons for us sisters to invest in a bottle of makeup remover?

Makeup remover is an extremely necessary cleaning step in a daily skin care cycle.

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