The process of choosing a suit has a special meaning for everyone. The type and quality of fabric determine how the model will fit and how long the clothes can retain their flawless appearance. And comfort and style are key to confidence.

How to choose a woman’s suit?

How to Choose the Perfect Women's Suits: 7 Steps - women, fashion, bussiness

Major trends

Laconic cut, straight lines, severity, and elegance are the features of women’s suits, fashionable not only in the 2020 season but also in 2021. Sets with jackets hardly ever will lose their relevance – only the style changes. If before they were worn with blouses and shirts, now the bottom layer’s presence is unnecessary (of course, the jacket should always be buttoned up).

Wide and tapered trousers, fitted and oversized jackets – there are many options to look stylish. Remember the main thing: a suit for the office should be made perfectly, from high-quality fabrics. Details such as accessories will immediately determine how expensive and high quality the thing in front of you is.

The fashionable accent for 2020 – a shortened jacket – requires a carefully chosen pairing. It is important that the jacket to the waist does not violate the visual proportions of the figure and emphasizes the thigh line, stretching the silhouette of the legs.

Color is the basis of style

A basic business wardrobe is hard to imagine without a perfect black or navy suit. But the color palette can always be diluted with other shades that you like. Women’s suits look stylish in sandy beige, bottle green, soft sage, lavender, and deep red colors. Combine pieces from different sets: combine a red jacket with black trousers and a lengthened olive jacket with a beige skirt.

Fabrics for Women’s Austere Suits

The fabric is the base. It sets the nature of the future piece of clothing, its silhouette, predetermines the fittings, and even dictates the situations in which the thing will be used. The business suit must be of high quality because the appearance at work is associated not only with comfort but also with your self-perception during important events.

There is nothing better than a suit made of expensive wool or half-wool fabric. Wool allows your skin to breathe while keeping you warm. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, you can choose a wool suit for the season.

Fabrics made from natural fibers are ‘living’. Cotton, linen, wool, viscose, and silk have their character and will take on creases and shape on you as you wear them. People accustomed to high quality notice such nuances, easily distinguishing a smooth budget synthetic from a blended fabric, which does not allow things to crease and loses a decent appearance.

Fashionable prints

The classic costume prints – stripes and checks in different sizes, as well as houndstooth – are still in fashion today, except that the color scheme has become much more delicate. Complex, natural shades of the day and night sky, sand, clay, and earth are in trend. Any patterns on fabrics are accepted in delicate fine-pattern variation – when the pattern is barely noticeable.

Pantsuits – the basis of style

A perfectly cut and fitted trouser suit sometimes does not require additional accessories: noble fabric, tortoiseshell buttons – and the image is already flawless. Trousers can be wide or narrow, and the jacket can be taken a size larger to stylishly emphasize the shoulder line. Power dressing is once again at the peak of popularity.

A suit in a sophisticated, elegant shade can be complemented with either ultra-trendy acid-colored abacus and vintage large gold jewelry, balancing the decadence of the look with a stylish avocado, or with strictly square black or white males and a black architectural shopper to emphasize the sophistication and relevance of the look.

Skirt suits

A stylish, tailored jacket and matching trousers or skirt is a great buy. Ideally, if several variants of the bottom will fit your favorite jacket. A Classic suit double – skirt with a jacket is an elegant and refined choice. The jacket emphasizes the pragmatism of mind and a confident position in life, and the skirt is a statement of elegance and femininity. A skirt suit serves as an alternative to business dresses.

Try-on rules

To ensure that any piece fits perfectly, take the time to find your size.

Any suit will be right if it makes you feel at ease, moves freely, and doesn’t restrict your movement. By the end of the day you may feel naturally tired – but not irritated by crumpled fabric or uncomfortable seams.

What is important to pay attention to when trying on a business suit:

  • Jacket sleeve of correct length – 1 cm shorter than the end of the blouse cuff.
  • Skirts or trousers do not constrain the movement, behind the belt should be placed 2 fingers, so that the abdomen is free.
  • A tight skirt should stay in place while moving (if it “migrates” then it’s not your size).
  • The pockets on the trousers are not bulging.
  • The jacket and jacket don’t creep up when you pull your arms forward (if they do, go a size larger).
  • The sleeve of the jacket should not hug the shoulders and arms.

The main trend of the last seasons for those who want to be at the peak of relevance is to take clothes one size larger. This technique is for those who know how to feel free, attracting interested glances and attention. But confidence in your irresistibility is the main key to any fashion trend.

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