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Spring Lipstick Colors You Need Now

What are the lipstick colors you need to own this spring? We’ve rounded up the sexiest and most fun lipstick colors you must wear this coming colorful spring season!

Spring Lipstick Colors That Will Give You A Sexy Pout

With all the flowers in bloom, it’s no wonder spring is the season of beautiful, vibrant colors. The season is all about letting loose and enjoying the beauty around you. When it comes to makeup, it’s about having fun with the colors! If you’ve had enough of the dark colors last winter, this is surely the season to change things up! Check out these spring lipstick colors we’ve compiled and please, make sure you have at least two to three of them… or better yet, all of them!

1. Red Hot Lips

There’s no better way to welcome the spring season than by wearing the boldest and brightest color of them all: classic red. The classic red lippie is very versatile and actually looks great in every season. However, this spring, let’s flaunt that sexy pout from day to night, shall we?

2. Fuchsia Lips or Hot Pink Lips

Fuchsia is perfect for spring for two reasons: it’s pink and bright! Fuchsia lips are versatile and can easily be worn in both day and night looks. What makes it different from the classic red? I think pink is more fun, while red is more seductive and sultry.

3. Nude Lips

For women with pigmented lips, choosing the right nude lipstick is crucial to perfecting your look. If the shade is too nude, your lips will end up looking chalky and washed out; on the other hand, if the shade is too dark, the color will overpower your spring makeup. Nonetheless, nude lippies are vital to have because it always completes any natural makeup look, which is a popular look for springtime

4. Chestnut Lips

Chestnut is a great shade for dark-skinned women especially if it’s glossy. It brings out a sexy pout instantly. But guess what? Chestnut brown lipsticks aren’t just for dark-skinned women anymore. I’ve seen fair-skinned women rock this lipstick as well.

5. Muted Melon Lips

With this pretty hue, your lips will look as if they’ve been kissed by watermelons. It may be lighter than what you’re used to, but this shade is made for spring!

6. Lilac Lips

Lilac lipsticks are the shade of the season! This color is not for the faint of heart, but for those that dare to wear this pastel color, the payoff is priceless!

7. Pale Pink Lips

While spring is the time to wear all of your soft and neutral colors, you’ll still have days when the urge to do a smokey eye is strong and overwhelming. For days like that, giggle, give in and wear light pink lipstick. Pale pink instantly ups the daintiness quotient of any look.

8. Violet Lips

Seeing violet lipstick for the first time can be off-putting, but wait until you’ve tried it on yourself. The best part about purple and violet lipsticks is the color’s versatility and finish. Purple, regardless of your skin tone, always looks good and works for both formal and informal occasions.

9.  Electrifying Coral

Coral is one of the most popular lip colors for spring and it’s easy to see why! The color evokes the imagery of fresh-cut flowers, lush gardens, and a sensuous breeze. There’s no doubt coral lipstick will be your spring go-to. The color is bubbly and fun!

10. Red & Pink Ombre Lips

Nope, ombre lips are not last season… it still rocks! Wearing ombre lips is the best way to go if you can’t decide which lipstick color to wear. I really like this lipstick tutorial from BeautifulYouTV because it uses all my favorite spring lipstick colors together and the finished look is just exquisite!

11. Orange Lips

Orange or tangerine lipstick is generally reserved for the bold and courageous but instead of letting that deter you, it should inspire you to sport this vibrant color all season long. For women with fair skin and dark hair, a peach orange hue will work best while a bold tangerine color will really pop on dark skin tones.

12. Dusty Rose Lips or Mauve Lips

Natural makeup is the poster child for spring looks. To add some dimension and color to a natural look, wear a matte dusty rose or mauve lipstick. These shades are a big hit during spring season due to the subtle shade.

13. Peach Lips

Pastel lippies always rock in spring and since we’ve covered pastel violet and pink, let’s now enjoy this beautiful peach lipstick color. You can call it pastel orange or maybe a bolder nude color. But either way, it’s pretty and will easily complement the spring makeup looks you’ll do!

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