You’re confident, bold, and beautiful! Don’t be afraid to show it. Fashion is all about taking risks. So go ahead and break out of the tame and tiresome and shake things up.  Here are the top 5 fashion rules powerful women are not afraid to break:

Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

Keep your whites crisp all year round. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to put your white jeans in storage come September. Haven’t you ever heard of winter whites? Pair a light colored jean with an oversized knit sweatshirt. This look will carry you from the beach to the blustery days of winter.

Navy and Black Don’t Mesh

Like ice cream and cake, Bonnie and Clyde, salt and pepper, navy and black CAN go well together. Wear a pair of black tights with a simple navy dress or black sandals or heels with jeans. The colors complement each other by creating just enough contrast to make the look interesting. But don’t stop at your clothes. Try navy blue eye liner with black mascara. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be different.

Don’t Mix Gold and Silver

You may believe one metal looks better with your skin coloring than another, but why wear  only one? Stack your silver and gold bracelets together. Look for a piece of jewelry or statement piece that has both colors. That way you can add an all gold and an all silver piece. Try rose gold or gunmetal—or both. These two hot color trends look great on their own or together.

Mix and Match

Remember how you used to dress when you were a child? There was a mashup of all your favorites and you thought you looked beautiful. You did! You might not want to be quite that eccentric today BUT take a stripe and add a print. Don’t be shy. Channel your inner Diane Von Furstenberg or Lilly Pulitzer. The brighter the print, the bolder the look. Think strong, be strong. Mix a red pant with an off the shoulder navy and white gingham top. When mixing colors go back to your contrasting color wheel. Think of colors that complement each other and start there.

Try A Bold Lip

Plump lips are in. Thank you Lisa Rinna and Kylie Jenner. Don’t be afraid to paint your lips with color! What colors are hot now? Wine inspired inks like Merlot or Cabernet. If the berry colors make you uneasy, try a nude lip for a clean and fresh lure. Line your lips with a pencil liner to help either emphasize or outline your pout. Go ahead and give them something good to talk about.

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